Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - The Spooktacular Edition

We were in Halloween mode here last week (along with everyone else it seems).  In true procrastinating fashion, I only completely finished the costumes on Monday afternoon, a few hours before trick-or-treating.

Of course the pretty for this week is Princess Prissypants all dressed up for her rookie year trick-or-treating.  She was happy here, although not so happy about not being able to crawl in her dress.

Two big kids very happy to be setting out on their adventure.


This is from a few days before Halloween.  Even ninjas and SuperWhy have to do schoolwork when Mommy says its time!

The princess just cut her first tooth and got a cold from her big brother.  Neither of us has slept well the last few days.  But, a teething biscuit makes it better for a little while.  Speaking of real, apparently her nap was only a half hour...again.  I'd best get upstairs.

round button chicken


  1. My goodness she is the cutest baby princess I've ever seen! Amazing that you could keep that headband on her! Looks like a great time overall...and doing schoolwork in costumes, how fun!

  2. Cute costumes on the boys! Hope you can get some quality rest soon!