Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Kids

I'm on a roll (as in, I got back on the blog and posted something), so I'll put up another quick one unless Miss E throws a complete fit in the next five minutes.

As I said before, we've had quite a month here.  My little (middle) boy turned 4 and Miss Elizabeth (who answers quite nicely to Princess) turned 1.  They all look so different to me, even just since Christmas, so for those of you who don't see them often, here are a few pictures.

First, Christopher had silly hat day as part of his Dr Seuss birthday week at school. 
He wore Daddy's hat from Warrior Dash and thought he was super-cool (which he was).  I had trouble getting him interested in a lot of the activities (silly shoe day, inside-out day, etc) but this one he was into.

Patrick turned 4 a few weeks ago, and now thinks he's really big stuff (which he is). 

He had a party with Lightning McQueen invitations, Thomas plates, and a dinosaur cake.  Ahh, the plight of the middle child, always thinking that whatever the oldest likes is cool.  His big birthday present was a play kitchen, which he thinks is pretty much the coolest thing around.  He also got some kids cooking things from my parents, which now means that I can't go into the kitchen to pour myself coffee without him telling me, "Mommy, I want to put on my ChefPatrick clothes and help you!"  Hot mitts are a must for any activity - did you know that?

Last, but very certainly not least, Elizabeth turned 1 a few days after Patrick's birthday. 

She still will not take more than 3 steps, finding it much quicker to crawl.  She has slept all night four of the last five nights, so maybe, maybe there is light at the end of that tunnel that is not an onrushing freight train of exhaustion.  She has a lot to say, but so far only "uh-oh" and "nanana (no)" are somewhat understandable.  Given our family history, though, this is pretty awesome.

I made her birthday dress, which I'll show you next, after I get some better pictures of it on her!

Hope I haven't bored everyone completely - have a great day!

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