Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

No, that is not a typo.  Geeks everywhere (or at least in the US where we write our dates the right way around) celebrate March 14 as Pi Day, a celebration of all things Pi, circular, and tasty!  What's better for Pi Day than pie in a Pi plate?  Many thanks to my dad for this genius gift.

We chose to celebrate the circle (which the ancients thought was the perfect shape) with chocolate (the perfect food) in the form of a chocolate cream pie.  First, we mixed a simple graham cracker crust and my trusty sidekick, ChefPatrick, pressed it into the plate.

Then we took a break for strawberry milk with whipped cream.  ChefPatrick had an accident last night while I was cooking dinner (I didn't see what happened) and has a big cut inside his lip/cheek and a little but deep cut outside, so Mama is sort of a softie today.

After WordWorld, lunch, and putting the Princess down for a nap, we mixed up chocolate cream.  In keeping with my plan to try more "heirloom" type recipes (more on that soon), I used a recipe from my Mennonite Community Cookbook.  Once the cream cools, we will top it with homemade whipped cream and our homage to all things pi/pie will be complete!

Happy Pi Day everyone!


  1. Hey, Hey -- we're not all geeks are we? Happy Pie Day -- it looks like a wonderful Pi! {wink}{wink}

    As for that old quilt you have pieces of -- maybe if you sneak in a little bit every day or so, it will soon be done? The colors might be dated, but sooner or later they'll come back in style. At least I hope that's the case LOL!

  2. Yummy pi! You continue to be my cooking hero. :-)