Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Sewing

I wanted to put up a pretty quick post on Elizabeth's Easter dress.  I'm really happy with how it came out - its probably one of my favorite things I've made her so far.  Excuse the wrinkly pictures - I didn't sew the buttons on until 11:00 Saturday evening, so I didn't get any pictures before she wore it.  She also ran back and forth like the Energizer bunny, so I didn't get a clear picture of it on her.

The pattern was The Tuck Dress by Collars Etc. I made the size 1 dress. The fabric was satin batiste from Chadwick Heirlooms. The original dress was Bridget from the February 2007 issue of Creative Needle (sniff, I miss them). Bridget was made from Ulster linen, but that was really spendy and not at all in my budget, so the satin batiste seemed to be a good comprimise - a little nicer than regular batiste for a dress without much extra embellishment, but not $50 a yard. The lace was also from Chadwick Heirlooms, I believe from the Heavy Lace section. It is an insertion and edging stitched together to form a band with the feel of tatting, but not quite as heavy.

Close up of the collar with lace

Also put a band of lace down the sleeve

Check it out, I even matched the tucks at the shoulders :-)

From the back

The slip was from Simplicity 2900.  It ended up being a bit long, so I cut off some length before attaching a 2" long ruffle. My mom had made Elizabeth a slip for a dress for her first Easter (back when she was still a baby :-( ) and it had a little ruffle on the bottom. I really liked the way the ruffle helped the a-line dress have a bit more body, especially made in such a soft fabric, so I added one this time. The neck and arms were finished with a shell stitch.

So there it is - an Easter dress fit for a princess!

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  1. Beautiful little Easter dress! In wonder if Cindy will start making holiday dresses for Sara, or if she'll punt to mom. :-)