Sunday, April 15, 2012

VERY Low Budget Bedroom Update

Sometimes I find myself getting really tired of my things and rooms and brainstorming crazy makeover strategies a la Trading Spaces.  Usually this is a sign that I need to spend some time in the offending room tossing out the trash, replacing the wayward Legos, and cleaning the dustbunnies.  Case in point, my $0 bedroom makeover from Friday.  It was my birthday, so I spent it cleaning my room, and now it is once again a little bit of calm in my chaos.  I wiped the walls, put away the clutter, cleaned the baseboards, and vacuumed the dust bunnies out of every corner (seriously I filled my vacuum canister twice, it was so bad).  Of course, I have no before pictures, because that's just the sort of lame blogger I am, but here is an after picture of my nice cleaned off, shined up, prettied up nightstand.

The Holy Family statue was left out after Christmas, but I decided what better reason to keep the nightstand clean than to keep Baby Jesus from getting crowded out by knitting.  Not to mention, having Mary watch over Jesus and I can only help, right?

The roses are from my little backyard rosebush, which I still haven't managed to kill.  Yay for me!

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  1. Yay for you indeed! I think it's much easier to go out and get new decor items that do a deep clean in a room. :-) The cleaning makes me happier in the end, though.