Tuesday, March 4, 2014


In my little corner of the world, the Shrove Tuesday pastry of choice is the Fasnacht.  It's pretty much a doughnut with a varying degree of brickiness.  Some of the makers seem to think it should remain in your stomach until Easter, when it may finally be done digesting.  Since I can't exactly hop down to the market here in Tucson and get some, I decided this year to make them.  It was better than yet again having to be grumpy that I wasn't noshing on at least one.

I used the recipe from my trusty Mennonite Community Cookbook.  I did it just as is, but made only 1/3 batch (one egg worth) since I didn't want too many staring at me tomorrow.

They turned out quite tasty.  I tossed half in powdered sugar and the others in cinnamon sugar.  I liked the cinnamon sugar better, but I'm a total sucker for cinnamon toast, so maybe that's it.

I also managed to clean up, dust, and vacuum my family room and do a load of wash.  Imagine how productive I will be tomorrow when I'm off the rest of the interwebz!

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  1. Yum yum! Now I want to try. I've been wanting to attempt some cream-filled doughnuts for a long time. Good thing I didn't give up sweets for lent - just decided to not be on the computer at all when the kiddos are home and awake. I can do that. We'll both be so productive! :-)