Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Progress and Paper

I have been trying hard all week to keep the house picked up and put forth some effort with dinner and I've seen some good results.  Even with my husband gone for a birthday trip, I managed to get a good cleanup done.  Then I woke up yesterday morning and realized it was the day for the bug guy to come.  This dude is my worst enemy because although he is super nice, I have to have the whole house picked up AT THE SAME TIME so he can spray.  For obvious reasons, he wont spray spots with clothes on the floor, etc.  and I hate scorpions with a burning passion, so it is in my best interest to get as much picked up as possible.  I did the downstairs pretty quickly and got the kids rooms picked up pretty well since I had cleaned them out last week.  I got the trash out upstairs and even cleared our closet floor of laundry.  It was as good as things have looked in a while.  From this angle, the living room looks great.

Unfortunately, if you walk around the steps and look at it from the front door, this is what we (and everyone else) see when we open the front door.

Paper and junk all over the table.  After it sits there for a while, I truly stop even noticing it.  So, I walked around downstairs and gathered up all the visible papers to deal with this afternoon.

If I don't resurface in a day or two, send a search party.  Today the job is to sort this.  Tomorrow I will tackle the receipts and papers in the closet.

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  1. You can do it! Your living room really does look great. I have solved my paper problem by making a pile "waiting to be filed". Of course, this means I too have a big stack of papers, but it's SUPPOSED to be there. ;-)