Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First (and Probably Last) Sock Knitting

Behold my first, and as the title says likely last, pair of knit socks.  They are Hedera by Cookie A from Knitty.  The yarn is a sockweight superwash wool from Tucson Yarn Company, although I can't find the band to tell you exactly what it is.

I'm going to claim victory on this project, as I actually wore them when we went up the mountain to find snow the other day.  Yes, that's long underwear in the previous pictures - my legs are not (quite) that white!  They are pretty heavy, despite being made of sock weight yarn and lacy, so I don't know how many more pairs of socks I really need here in Tucson.  They were also REALLY fiddly and took way longer than I expected.  They turned out nicely, though, and fit well.


  1. Hate to think what those cost at your deserved SuperMom pay rate.

  2. Yea for you! I've never tried socks. Definitely fiddly.