Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two New Holes in the Wall

After two plus years in our house, I can probably count on both fingers the number of things we have hanging on the walls (if you don't count the random printouts taped up in the boys' rooms). After we did some cleaning up and cleaning out in the garage over the last few weeks, I discovered a box of pictures I had forgotten about after we moved, so today I hung a few things, put some pictures on the piano, and updated the little frames I had on the table in the entry. The end result is this:

It still has a way to go.  Now that I see the pictures, I think the table needs a little more and maybe I need to find one more thing for on the wall.  Unfortunately the front door comes just to the right of the light switch when opened.  I'm afraid if I try to put up something bigger, it will get smushed when the door gets slammed open.  It is definitely an improvement (and a free one at that) and I love seeing the pictures of the kids from our trip up the mountain at Christmas.  I'm amazed I got pictures of all fo them smiling!

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  1. Yea for you! I'm so proud. :-) I need to update my photos on the stair wall. Mark is 2 and I don't think he makes an appearance.